Monday, October 29, 2018

Preferred parts list for all new builds, plus useful gear.

After years of testing builds, I have come to definitive conclusions about what parts are best and why. I want to share the parts I believe will make the best AR you can build, based on my subjective preferences. I have also been testing and researching some extra gear for range and self-defense purposes. I am kind of throwing them all together here as a shopping list, of sorts. This is the gear I feel works best for me and will likely give you some advantages over competitive options.

One thing I have found is that my ideal AR will weigh a little over 6lbs because you have to add some weight for improving zero retention on your kit mounted on the handguard, as well as super-durable BUIS. If you build a rifle with these exact components, it will function reliably, shoot good groups with match ammo, and give you an ideal platform to mount the kit you need for everything from home defense to night time carbine courses... for hundreds less than a Daniel Defense Rifle, but equivalent (or, even, superior) quality parts and better ergos. Another thing to consider is that you can get most of these parts in FDE. I would prefer to Cerakote all my guns in FDE. Since you can also just get the parts in FDE to start with, you may prefer that route.

NOTE: As I typically do, I am linking to the Manfacturer's sites to ensure you can properly identify the parts. I highly recommend checking around the internet for better prices.

BCM Mod 0 Stock.
BCM Mod 3 Pistol Grip.
BCM Lightweight Vertical Grip.
BCM Mod 4 Charging Handle.
BCM Trigger Guard.
BCM QD Endplate.
BCM H2 Buffer.
BCM Buffer Tube.
BCM Castle Nut.
Daniel Defense Lightweight Profile, Mid-Length Gas, 16" Barrel.
ALG QMS Trigger, with Purple Trigger Spring.
Damage Industries Enhanced Carbine Buffer Spring.  
Odin Works Low Profile .750" Melonited Gas Block
Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver.
Aero Precision M4 Lower Receiver.
Aero Precision Enhanced Free Float Handguard, 15".
Aero Precision A2 Birdcage, with Crush Washer.
Aero Precision Melonited, Mid-Length Gas Tube. 

Lancer 30rd Magazines.
Streamlight HL-X Pro-Tac Rail Light.
Eotech XPS3.
Ferro Concepts Slingster.

Extra Gear:
Eotech G33 Magnifier.
Griffin Armament M4SD K 5.56 Silencer.
Bianchi Nylon Duty Belt, 2".
Fusion Belt Keepers.
Esstac KYWI Mid-Height Magazine Pouch, with 2" Belt Loops.
Esstac KYWI Tall Magazine Pouch, with WTF Straps.
Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Now IFAK..
Crye JPC 2.0.
Spartan Armor Composite Level IV SAPI Cut Armor.